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The Fundamentals of Argument

The Fundamentals of Argumentation Online Workshop will introduce students limited or no debate experience to basic debate and argumentation. The workshop will focus on skills such as logic, persuasion, refutation, and use of evidence that are applicable to a variety of debate and non-debate circumstances.

David Seo, The Albany Academies, NY

“As a person with no debate experience whatsoever, I believe that I was able to learn much … The welcoming atmosphere also contributed to my learning, and I was able to form many friendships as well.”

Oliver Shih, Bergen Catholic High School, NJ

“Everyone here was very supportive. I met some great kids and teachers and enjoyed my week at Dartmouth.”

Christopher Parios, Fauquier High School, VA

“Having a judge there to give you a definitive idea of who won was extremely beneficial to my understanding of what works and what doesn’t, particularly as a beginner.”
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