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What to Pack?

Casual Clothing - All events are informal, summer clothing, even the camp tournament is casual/informal, shorts are fine, but do pack some longer jeans-type covering due to very chilly nights. We recommend packing about a week of clothing and doing laundry 3-4 times during your month of camp.


Sweater/Hoodie/Jacket - Hanover has frequent chilly evenings often in the low 50s (even in July), and some classroom buildings have colder AC.


Rain Gear - Frequent rain showers and rainy days are common in Hanover. Campers will walk several blocks on campus to meals and classes even in the rain, so bring your preferred windbreaker, rain jacket or compact umbrella.


Robe/Pajamas - Most campers will have a roommate and showers are a few steps down a common hallway, so plan accordingly for your night-time attire.


Flip Flops - Showers are thoroughly cleaned daily by our excellent custodial staff, but many campers prefer shower shoes in this shared space. There are typically 2-3 shower stalls for each pod of 6-8 campers. Each shower has a door for privacy.


Towels/Sheets/Pillow - Pack Pillow, TwinXL sheets and a light blanket/cover. Campers must provide their own towels. The corner CVS does not sell sheets, but sometimes has beach towels. Dartmouth provides a very basic blanket, but most students prefer to bring their own.


Cup/Bowl - Handy to have when brushing teeth, microwaving a late-night snack. Plastic utensils are available at the dining facilities and can be taken to room as needed.


Water Bottle - This is essential for staying hydrated in the summer. DDI will provide each camper with a water bottle upon arrival. The dorm has a wonderful filtered water/ice dispenser and buying bottled water is not practical or sustainable.


Toiletries - Campers must provide their own, but most non-specialty items can be purchased at the corner CVS.  


Laptop Required - Laptops have transitioned from optional to mandatory in modern debate. All students are required to have a full-fledged laptop (not a Chromebook) with Microsoft Word installed and operational. We have some Institute laptops in case of massive failure. If you need to source a laptop, please contact us immediately. We encourage campers to install Verbatim, but that can be done when they arrive in lab if support is needed.


Office Supplies - pack a notebook for class notes and a few colors of pens for notes/flowing, but additional items can be purchased at CVS or the campus bookstore. DDI will provide flow paper in labs.


Power strip with long cord - This is a super-helpful item to have in your dorm room, in lab/lectures, or during the practice debates when several debaters may all need to share power supply at the same time. Write/label with your name. Don’t forget your device chargers!


Earphones - You’ll need these since you are sharing a room and a common space with others.


Backpack - Campers walk a couple blocks to classes, the library, dining facilities and dorms each day in groups, and often need to carry laptops and other supplies, so a backpack is helpful.  

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What are Meals Like?

Fridge/Microwave - Each room is equipped with a small personal fridge and microwave unit.

Meal Cards - Campers’ meal cards should cover all their nutrition needs for the duration of camp. Dartmouth Dining does an excellent job of providing delicious and diverse meal options that accommodate kosher, halalvegan, vegetarian and other allergies and nutritional needs. Campers will have meal cards and fund balance that should cover all meal requirements during their stay, but many bring some additional funds for some delivery meals or snacks for their rooms.


Snacks - Campus Dining has lots of to-go options that the included meal card will cover.

Many DDI campers also find snacks at the CVS adjacent to campus - it has lots of options for microwave meals, chips, prepared salads, etc. since it functions as a mini-”grocery” source for Dartmouth students year-round. The meal card can not make purchases at CVS.


Farmers’ Market - Each Wednesday there is a robust Farmers’ Market that arrives on the campus green. Campers have the opportunity to visit during their break time and can enjoy local treats and purchase fresh fruit and veggies to keep in their rooms. Favorites in the past have been berry baskets and maple syrup souvenirs.


Food Deliveries - Several restaurants deliver to the Dartmouth dorms including pizza, burritos, sushi, and a few more. Campers often coordinate orders with friend groups and are allowed to order delivery that arrives well in advance of room check and lights out times. They will need their own money for this.

How will I do Laundry?

Washer/Dryers are located in the basement of each dorm. The camp office will provide laundry pods and dryer sheets for a quarter. We will have regular and “allergy free/clear” pods available. Laundry machines will need approximately $3 in quarters to wash and dry one load of laundry. It is smart to pack a roll of quarters and a mesh bag to transport laundry to the basement laundry machines.

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