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Why DDI?

Student Driven Research & Strategy

Our labs operate as teams. Every lab produces its own strategies against every other lab. Labs test their strategies first in practice debates, and then at the camp tournament. 100% of DDI students said they significantly improved their research skills in our 2022 end-of-camp survey. 

Optimal Lab Size

Everyone gets an opportunity to contribute to strategy discussions and receive individualized feedback. Our labs are led by two dedicated teaching staff and at least one lab assistant. We aim for labs of 20-24 students. 

Dedicated Teaching Staff

Our teaching staff are invested in your success, and bring years of experience in high school and college coaching. You'll work with the same dedicated instructors every day in lab.

Elective Choices

We offer dozens of electives on a wide array of topics, including from top experts on the current debate topic. Hearing from everyone on the staff - not just their own lab leaders - allows students to experience a diversity of views on the issues that most interest them. Check out our video resources page for examples of past content. 

Positive and Safe Environment

Our dedicated dorm staff help you manage the transition to a college environment. Every DDI produces new lifelong friendships and debate connections across the country. 

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Our Programs

We are now accepting applications for 2024! Please apply by filling out an application form

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(7/7/24 - 8/3/24)

The DDI is our 4-week program, renowned for producing nationally successful policy debaters for more than 30 years. 

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(6/16/24- 8/3/24)

The DDI is excited to partner with Georgetown University to bring you a summer debate experience unlike any other. The first three weeks, hosted by Georgetown, focus on intensive, personalized skills-development. The following four weeks, hosted by Dartmouth, adopts a unique "team" model and rigorous research curriculum. 

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Fundamentals of Argumentation (Online)
(Late June 2024 ; Dates TBD)

Our Fundamentals of Argumentation program is a two week online program for those with little to no prior debate experience. The program is an excellent opportunity to develop argumentation, writing, and public speaking skills. 

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